Sunday, May 21, 2017

Comic Rewind: Hextor and Wee Jas

Howdy Greyhawkers, here's another old comic from the vault featuring Wee Jas goddess of magic and death and Hextor god of war and stuff. These two were among my favorites to draw, Hextor cause he has six arms and a monobrow, and Wee Jas because she's hawt. Anyhoo, check this comic out with accompanying commentary from January 8th, 2008:

"This week's topic is one I've stewed on for a while. Carl Sargent's era of Greyhawk is well known for the Greyhawk Wars of course. One of the new concepts to emerge from this development was a breed of undead somewhere I'm guessing between lich and death knight in power. Ever since Greyhawk Wars, and the unpublished Ivid the Undying sourcebook, these undead haven't seen much play in later Greyhawk products. They just seem needlessly redundant to me with so many other sentient undead running around the Flanaess. So one of my true hopes if Greyhawk ever gets relaunched and "rebooted" is that the Great Kingdom doesn't go down this path again. Don't agree with me?
Well after you read this comic, you'll probably change your mind. Heh heh. Enjoy."


Anonymous said...

I always considered that an animus was a free willed undead you became to continue your existence when you didn't have enough personal power to be a lich or death knight or the like. A lich is a powerful spellcaster but an animus might just be a wealthy person, a duke etc.
Personally I hope if they reboot Greyhawk as a campaign world they do it like The Great Pendragon Campaign starting just before the battle for Emridy Meadows and stretching over the next 30+ years. They keep it light on detail. This temporal campaign world would make it wholly different from Forgotten Realms and players could choose which geographical and temporal part to explore.

Mike Bridges said...

Well I agree with most of the above, lichdom was never a guarantee in 2E. Death Knights were either cursed humans or made by Demogorgon, and so Animus is different cause its a condition kinda forced on the GK nobility/military by Ivid. Some Animus turn out powerful though yes I think alot are just undead nobles.

Scott said...


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