Monday, June 19, 2017

GenCon 2017

Quiet week at Greyhawkery. Hey it looks like I won't be going to GenCon this year. If I do it'll be for one night and very last minute planned. I'm not entirely sure I'll miss much as most of the big games I'm interested in have already announced plans or released their stuff at other dates. GenCon for the average D&D enthusiast is really lacking for me nowadays. I love the social aspect, I love Indianapolis and I love the crowds, but I don't miss the hotel scramble and the sameness of everything. I've been to too many of these I guess, which is why GaryCon was a nice diversion this year.

At any rate, is anyone going this year? Is there something I'm missing out on?


grodog said...

If you do get there, Mike, apparently Jon Peterson is helping to curate an exhibition of D&D history spanning the 50 years of the convention. Some more info @ and following


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mike and Allen, I'm going too. I'm playing some Greyhawk Reborn, an adventure set in Greyhawk's thieves guild, and one other Greyhawk-related game focused on Iuz, I think. Allen, if you know of any other events of interest, I'd love to hear about them.

the guy who wished everyone into the dragon's lair at Allen's Garycon game

NaRong said...

Nor are the Rose Estes books, which are pretty much the worst thing TSR ever put their name on.

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