Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ten Places in Greyhawk

It's been a slow week Greyhawk-wise. Let's try a random list of 10 Places in Greyhawk I've Never Used. (In a campaign that is; mind you I've been playing Greyhawk for 35 years so I've had plenty of opportunities.) A couple caveats, one I'm not talking "Beyond the Flanaess" or any pseudo-Greyhawk that Gygax made post-TSR.

1. The Yeomanry. I don't think I've ever willingly set anything in this country, nor had a character come from here. Don't know why. Maybe too peaceful? Can't say for certain.

2. County of Ulek. Again, a most peaceful place in the Flanaess. A veritable "shire" of halfling delights. Haven't had any reason to cause trouble there in my campaigns. Odd!
3. Town of Fax. This town in the Wild Coast has a funny name. I probably avoided it for this reason.
4. Menowood. This woodland in the east is featured in the boxed set as a place to encounter werewolves. I'm not a big werewolf guy so I've probably subconsciously avoided Menowood.
5. Town of Gorna. The capital of the Grand Duchy of Geoff. I've probably had PCs pass through Geoff battling giants before but I don't think I've utilized the town before. This is a shame because I have a nice map of Gorna that Mike Schley did a few years back.
6. City of Sulward. The capital of the Lordship of the Isles. I've had NPCs hail from the lordship but I still haven't had any players set foot on these islands, much less the capital city. I hope to rectify that someday in my next Sea Princes campaign.
7. Yecha Hills. Again, I've probably had PCs travel past or through the hills, but I've never intentionally set anything in this part of the Tiger Nomad lands. A shame.
8. Town of Exag. This mysterious town in Perrenland got a royal write-up article in Dungeon Magazine #145. It's a place I ought to use if only because I love ancient history of Oerth stuff.
9. Axewood. This woodland is in the same neighborhood as the County of Ulek. Never used, but it has treants and elves. A possible fay paradise. Guess I just haven't had a need for that setting so far.
10. City of Lo Reltarma. Capital of the Lendore Isles/Spindrifts. Not sure. I know there's a few classic mods set on the isles that I've never ran, yet I've most likely used the Lendores indirectly because of the seafaring elves. I doubt however that I've ever visited this city in a game session since I can't recall a single fact about the place. Oh well!

That was actually hard! Some day soon we'll look at ten other Greyhawk things I've neglected.


Sean Robert Meaney said...

Economics are far more important to greyhawk than you think. Bramblewood Forest will be harvested by Ket for timber and sold to the fuel dependent state of Veluna like Russia flogging Gas to Europe. The may be opposite aligned lawful states LG/LN vs LN/LE, but that doesnt mean they dont value law.

Based on population use and forest available Brambleood will be gone in fifty years, and Veluna dependent on them simply because the others wouldnt sell forest for firewood.

Mystic Scholar said...

I've gamed in The Yeomanry and the County of Ulek, but have likewise not used any of these other locations.

I'm running a couple of games now, so I'll have to give them some more thought.

John L said...

For me I use the principle that no places in the adventuring world are truly peaceful - the threats just aren't so obvious. Perhaps the population, or even the government, aren't aware of the growing danger - political intrigues, cultist infiltration, monsters in disguise (lycanthropes, doppelgangers and vampires are the obvious ones but there are many more), or more conventional monsters that are out of sight (underground, underwater etc.).
For the Yeomanry the obvious "enemy within" is the Scarlet Brotherhood. If you are going with the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer version there may have been Scarlet Brotherhood agents undercover who were never activated during the Greyhawk wars.

Mike Bridges said...

John: Very good point. I wonder though, what is the strategic attraction of the Yeomanry?

Sean: You got me thinking about a Greyhawk economics article now haha.

Mystic: I'm glad it's not just me!

NaRong said...

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