Monday, October 22, 2018

Greyhawk Channel: Sea of Dust Redux

Hail Greyhawkers! Today I'm reposting some old Greyhawkery stuff I did on the Sea of Dust, a topic I recently covered with Anna Meyer and our loyal viewers, on the Greyhawk Channel show, Legends and Lore. These are from a way back, say, 2011! I also have some additional links to some other fan-stuff if you are interested in really kicking your Sea of Dust game up a notch. Enjoy!

Greyhawk Reading: Sea of Death (Covering Gary Gygax's novel and how this non-canonical material can still do wonders for the official setting)

Greyhawk Reading: Sea of Death Notes (Okay this one is about Ull actually, but its from the same novel).

Sea of Accumulated Dust (A document on all canon references to the Sea of Dust, get it while you can, thanks Casey Brown for sharing)

Suel Imperium: Age of Glory (How about some time travel for your Sea of Dust? This is mainly by Randy Richards from the 2E era.)

Sea of Dust map by Anna Meyer


carlos a.s. lising said...

Very timely...seeing as how one of my GameHole Con modules may or may not take place in the Sea of Dust.... ;)

Mike Bridges said...