Thursday, October 11, 2018

Legends & Lore Returns

Hello Greyhawkers! Last week, the premier episode of me and Anna Meyer's Greyhawk Channel show, Legends & Lore went very well. If you missed out, it can still be seen on Twitch. Be sure to check in and share your Greyhawk knowledge with us every Thursday at 8pm EST.

Once I get my act together I also plan to put additional content or perhaps even take questions for the show, here on Greyhawkery if you readers are so inclined. Old school and new Greyhawk fans alike, see you there!


grodog said...

Looks like last week's show is now posted to YT too, Mike:

Is a week delay normal on the Greyhawk Channel---I don't remember the Green Dragon interviews taking that long to post??


Nerman Thomas said...

Yay! Thanks Mike. Look forward to listening in. I think it would be cool to do a Greyhawk primer with your own Mikeisms sprinkled in. I grew up with Greyhawk but I have difficulty separating all the details from canon from what is truly important. This is a big ask so feel free to ignore :)

grodog said...

Curious to hear more about what you mean by " I have difficulty separating all the details from canon from what is truly important.", +Nerman Thomas


Mike Bridges said...

Nerman: That's definitely difficult because in my writings I try to be concise but accurate. When I throw in Mikeisms if I gather you right, that's more for my entertainment side than informative. I dunno, I'll have to think about it.

Unknown said...

Loving this show and planning to watch every future episode. The advice on how to get started in Greyhawk was excellent (and very timely for me since I recently launched a new Greyhawk campaign). You and Anna are off to a wonderful start -- keep it up, and thank you!

Darva said...

The first two episodes looked good. The wide variety of topics and references to where thins go on the maps made it easier for a casual GH fan like me to follow along.