Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ernie Gygax Meets Greyhawk Online

Hey Greyhawkers! I got a quick piece of news I want to boost the signal to, from the resurgent fansite (and friend of this blog) Greyhawk Online. Greyhawk Online had the chance after Gary Con XI to visit the home of Ernest Gygax, the son of the late Gary Gygax. Ernie is known for creating Tenser the archmage for Gary's original Greyhawk campaign. Ernie was gracious enough to show off an amazingly detailed portrait of him as his famed wizard on display, and tell some stories about the character we all know and love. Check it out.

Be sure to visit Greyhawk Online often for old and new Greyhawk content, such as my comics or the recently released Oerth Journal #28. Go there, you won't be disappointed!

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