Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tribality Feature: Greyhawk Cities

Hail Greyhawk stalwarts! Today I'm promoting a new regular Greyhawk series over at RPG website . Staff author, Blake Ryan is slowly building momentum with his Greyhawk Cities feature. His first column covers the Ratik capital city of Marner. This is followed by a unique look at the city of Knurl in Bone March. Both of these articles brilliantly combine established sources and maps with a variety of new information from important locations, organizations, NPCs and resources in the cities. The best part of these articles however, is the section on quests that can be acquired in each town. They are broken down into Confusion, Exploration and Rescue Quests. Absolutely smart writing because it turns each city into a center for adventure and exploration found in popular sandbox games.

Greyhawk DMs you have to check these articles out, because Mr. Ryan is bursting with ideas for your campaign. And he has informed me that there is many more cities in store for this series. Stay tuned!

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