Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Oerth Journal #31 Released!

Happy New Year, Greyhawkers! This is a good day to start off 2020 because I'm promoting the latest issue of Oerth Journal, winter edition (the theme is Factions). My good friend Kristoph Nolen at Greyhawk Online has been doing an amazing job bringing the ezine back and making it quarterly. He has definitely struck at the right time as the community has never been more into content creation than it has in the last ten or fifteen years. This is in large part to social media like Facebook and Twitch. I am glad Greyhawk is surviving into the 21st century and Oerth Journal in PDF (or print) will be a nice legacy for us old school gamers going forward.

You must check out issue #31, there is an incredible gathering of authors and artists in this one. I am particularly proud to see Greyhawk indexer extraordinaire, Jason Zavoda coming into this issue strong. I am also proud of the folks from The Greyhawk Channel and all who have contributed for the first time to this honored staple of the Greyhawk community.

Here is a packed lineup of what is in store when you download Oerth Journal #31:

Designing and DMing Factions by Allan T. Grohe Jr. (grodog) 
Rant of a Malcontent by Nathan Doyle (Attention Deficit & Dragons)
Rogues’ Gallery:    The Night Merchants by Will “Giantstomp” Dvorak
Rogues’ Gallery:   Cult of Steel by Jason Zavoda
Rogues’ Gallery:    The Blacksheep by James “AvatarOfWrath” Belk
Rogues’ Gallery:    The Blood Ravens by Kalvin Gearhart
Rogues’ Gallery:    Guild of Lamplighters and Torchbearers by Jason Zavoda
Rogues’ Gallery:    Cult of the Red Scythe by Kristoph Nolen
Rogues’ Gallery:   Celenian Suss Forest Knights’ Watch by Jay L. “Lord Gosumba” Scott
Rogues’ Gallery:    Church of Heironeous by Thom “Oronir” Vandervenne
Fiction:  The Castle by David Leonard
Rogues’ Gallery:    Origin of the Horned Society by Jason Zavoda
Fiction:   Espionage at the Royal Opera House by Kelli “TheOperaGeek” Butler with Krissy Dominy
Rogues’ Gallery:   Alliance of Defiance by Cal Scrivener
Rogues’ Gallery:   Grey College Observatory by Andy Miller and Kristoph Nolen

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