Thursday, March 8, 2012

Castle Greyhawk Blog: Enter Ehlissa

First off, Scott Casper and myself are now posting completed pages of our collaborative Castle Greyhawk graphic novel on a dedicated blog aptly named, Castle Greyhawk (the Comic Strip). This will make it easy to go back and read earlier pages without having to sift through weeks of blog content elsewhere. In the meantime I'll continue to cross promote things here and provide my insights as I go along with the project.

Page three in the tale, sees the introduction of a young magess named Ehlissa. Tenser walking down the street is one of the single best panels I've drawn in the last five years. I researched the neighborhood around the Roc and Oliphant (C14) heavily for the right look. Tenser is walking toward Bard Street in the district of Clerkburg when he turns west and runs into our female protagonist.

As you may or may not see from this amazing bird's eye view rendering of Greyhawk City from the City of Greyhawk boxed set, the buildings seem to be slightly larger and more clustered than they appear in the generic game map above. In my opinion medieval cities should look crammed together so I took some artistic license (not that anyone would've noticedthe difference, but there you go). For a more accurate version of the CoG maps check out Denis Tetreault's published revision that came out several years ago.

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Scott said...

You know, I wonder if a useful running commentary would include mapping the story like this more regularly...