Saturday, March 10, 2012

D&D Next (5e) New Logos?

Over at Wizards of the Coast's website is a column called Dragon's Eye View by Jon Schindehette. In his latest posting he muses over the trials and tribulations that go into creating a brand logo like for Dungeons & Dragons. With the "next iteration" on the horizon you can bet the logo is changing. I doubt any of the concept logos presented in this article will be the final one, but there is some good stuff here to check out if anything else for curiosity's sake. So go on, you don't need a subscription to read this column, plus there's a poll at the end on logo design elements and a long comments section if you want to add your opinion to this semi-important issue.

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Darva Shriver said...

I tried suggesting the 5e logo be stylized dog turds in the shape of "D&D", but they appear to have deleted my comment :P