Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tribute to a Rare Talent

Despotrix, Chibirias, Maria. Rarely has there been an author with such a special, personal connection with the World of Greyhawk and the exotic lands of the Amedio Jungle. Her years of gracious involvement in the Greyhawk community and her instrumental hand in making the fansite Canonfire what it is today will never be forgotten. To celebrate her works please view her unique lore of the Amedio and links to Mayan culture, archived at the blog Olmanifesto.

See the lush, green depths.
A verdant landscape painted
by the earth goddess.

1 comment:

Samwise said...

Mar wrote the only material about the Olman I thought was useful and usable.
Which is rather ironic as I became increasingly determined to simply redact them completely and go with my own developments.
Of course she understood why I felt the way I did.
While I might have my own version I give hers the highest marks, and recommend it to everyone.

She was always one of the best of the Greyhawk community, and I will miss her deeply.