Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Castle Greyhawk: The Journey Begins

I'm a bit late in announcing this but page nine of the Castle Greyhawk graphic novel adaptation is now available at our dedicated blog where you can read Scott Casper's additional exposition or if you're new, see the entire story from the beginning.

You can also download the latest episode HERE, courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk.

Travelling commentary: The trio is moving through Greyhawk City alot in this one. Here's the ground we've covered so far (2nd edition City of Greyhawk version). The stables they start out at is S2 (Slum Quarter), Stairnezh Stables on Assassins’ End. This livery and shipping service is owned by Lucious Stairenzh. In addition to a good stock of draft and riding animals Stairenzh has a fleet of wagons for hire. Of course that's all for more ambitious parties. ;)

Heading south from there the party walks past Fedroot’s Daggerarium (S9) home to the best bladesmith in the city. Why Fedroot operates in the slums is beyond me, but every blade or spear point he makes is exceptional in quality and commands high prices. I don't see Yrag and company stopping by there until they have more loot however.

Lastly the group turns east down Old Lane on their way to the gates out of the city. You can vaguely see (S10) the Chapel of Ulaa in the background. Ran by Matriarch Guldan Rockflint, Ulaa is the goddess of mountains, hills and gems. Every Godsday priests and worshippers of Ulaa gather near the Old Well out back to sing and drum on boulders. In hindsight a donation at this chapel might have been a smart idea considering where this trio is heading into...

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