Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Postfest: Inns & Taverns of the Flanaess

As I'm in charge of this year's Postfest duties over at Canonfire, I'm reposting the announcement on my blog. If anyone would aspire to share their homemade taverns with the Greyhawk community, check out this open call.

This Postfest will focus on some of the more interesting “sleeperies” and eateries in the World of Greyhawk. So, here are some suggestions as to what to include in your entries:

First off, write about a location that not much(or nothing) has been written about before- make something up! A particular emphasis should be put on your chosen location being conducive to adventuring. Don't just present a description of a place, its proprietors, how much rooms cost, and what they have on the menu. Put in some local flair, such as rumors, interesting local folk, questionable characters, etc.

Think more along the lines of presenting a place where a road weary(or bored) adventurer can find all manner of trouble to get themselves into. Think of the Inn of the Welcome Wench of Hommlet fame, or of the Green Dragon Inn in Greyhawk City(I wouldn’t recommend writing on these particular locations as they have been covered rather extensively already), and the trouble one can get themselves hooked into there and you won't go wrong. Whatever you want to write about, just make sure that the main feature is an inn or tavern. Heck, your inn or tavern could be an adventure site in and of itself if that is what you want to do! Feel free to make your submission game edition specific or neutral, super crunchy(i.e. lots o' rules) or completely fluff(background), or anywhere in between. Basically, write what YOU want to write.

Mind you, this is not a hard and fast format, but I think that more people will find the articles useful if prospective authors adhere to at least some of the above suggestions.

Now, on to the format. Your submission should be in the realm of 1,000-4,000 words or so in length (more if fine; less not so much). That is not set in stone, but it is a good average length for any Article. As usual, be sure to not only Spell Check your article but read it over yourself, as Spell Check will catch many things, but seldom everything.

You may submit your article HERE. Be sure to write a short introductory teaser for your article and be sure to cite any sources you may have used as well. ***See the directions at the top of the Submissions page if you have any problems with the text not being accepted(this may happen if you use Internet Explorer). Even if the text is not accepted, *you must still submit your article title on the Submissions page*. When e-mailing an article to editors<at>canonfire<dot>com, be sure that your article is in simple Word form, contains no unsupported fonts, and with no formatting of any sort if possible(the simpler the better). This just makes things a whole lot easier for us to deal with, so please take the time to do this.

Make sure you put the title of your submission in the following format:

Postfest XVII(Richfest 2012): TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE

***Submissions are due by June 30, 2012.

Thanks, and get to writing!

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