Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Greyhawk Maps and Articles

Hey greyfanatics, I can't believe it's May already! It's been a busy month in the community and once again I need to post on more than one subject to keep up. Can't complain about that! First up is Anna Meyer's Atlas of the Flanaess project. After completing Blackmoor, the Land of Black Ice and a bit of a delay she is back on the horse, now venturing into the cold mountains of the Thillonrian Peninsula to map out the desolate western end of the Ice Barbarian realm of Cruski. You can download the full size maps by these links:


Don't forget to join Anna's facebook group The Flanaess Geographical Society now hovering at 225 members!

Next up is an item of interest to greybeards in the Greyhawk community who may have been online "back in the day", it's two new compilations of the Best of Greyhawk-AOL.  These files are a collection of discussions amongst fans and authors about the Greyhawk setting on AOL back in the twilight of TSR. Best of Greyhawk-AOL #13 and #14  is edited by France's own Armenfrast who for years has maintained the fan site Le Monde de Greyhawk. Dig around, you might find some other good information there including stuff on the Ekbir and Zeif Living Greyhawk Campaigns.

Here's a minor item. Over at Wizards of the Coast, Bart Carroll has written an excerpt article on Infamous Dungeons to coincide with the release of the 4th Edition accessory The Dungeon Survival Handbook. You'll be happy to hear it's free to download and read. At two pages in length the article is not much to scream about but it covers the history of the Tomb of Horrors and White Plume Mountain fairly well.

Next up is a debut article at Canonfire by author Chevalier titled An Alternative Linguistic History of the Flanaess. Chevalier's essay breaks down the major subraces and regions of the Flanaess and discusses the evolution of their languages as presented in Gygax's original canonical work.

Chevalier writes: "Navigate treacherous linguistic waters!  Ponder alternate origins of Greyhawk's languages!  Consider new histories and whether they might lead to new adventures!"

This article is well written, insightful and is definitely an alternate take on a quite popular Greyhawk subject. You can read the entire article HERE. Enjoy!

I've got one last Greyhawk matter to cover. Coming soon, I'll be posting some information on Canonfire's first Postfest event of 2012. All I can announce right now is, after taking a poll, the topic of this Postfest will indeed be Inns and Taverns of the Flanaess. That's all for today, check in for more Greyhawkery in the coming week!


Joe Chevalier said...

Thanks for the plug, Mortellan! I hope to be polishing up some more content for Canonfire! soon.

Valkaun_Dain said...

You need to plug the postfest on the podcast.