Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Castle Greyhawk: Into the Woods

Welcome back readers! Page eleven of the Castle Greyhawk graphic novel adaptation is now available at our dedicated blog where you can read Scott Casper's colorful story exposition and if you're new, you can still catch up on the entire comic from the beginning.

You can also view the latest episode HERE, courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk. Enjoy!

Artist's commentary: Eleven pages in and I must say I love the architecture and landscapes that Scott has had this trio travelling through. It's one thing to play Greyhawk for decades and know about places like Greyhawk City or the Cairn Hills, but to actually see these places illustrated and have notable characters move through these locations, breathes new life into the setting for me. And we haven't even got to the dungeon yet!

My thanks go out to those who have been following the comic from the start, it's not too late to join in and jump into the story.

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Mystic Scholar said...

OMG! "Nature" calls!

It's little things like this that make the story come alive.

Great stuff guys! Keep 'em coming!