Sunday, April 21, 2013

Greyhawk Adventurer's Atlas Complete

Over at Canonfire, we have published the amazing twelfth and last installment of Braggi's Greyhawk Adventurer's Atlas. Part twelve contains downloads for the master maps that encompass the entire multi-part project. Braggi writes:

"Three separate works, each showing the entire area of the Flanaess.  1. The Master Adventure Map lists the majority of the adventures given in the atlas as a whole.  2. The Player Map is an expansion of the original World of Greyhawk poster maps. 3. The Political Map lists the heraldry for states, cities, settlements, organizations and individuals of note in their appropriate geographical locations."

Well done Braggi, your contributions to the Greyhawk community is deserving of legend. I look forward to whatever Greyhawk projects you pursue in the future.

Check out and download Part 12 HERE.

Follow this link to all the previous downloads in the series.


Celestian said...

Anyone have a clue what the map notes such as "DM XX" mean? I could not find a key for such things.

mortellan said...

I would assume it refers to a Dragon Magazine issue #.

Ronald Moura said...

the links are broken I guess