Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Greyhawk Round-up

Howdy Greyhawk-files. Here is a quick round-up of Greyhawk related things going on:

At Canonfire, the third part of Ragr's Greyhawk fiction series The Knot is available for your perusal. Ragr writes:
"Life flies by and when it does, Greyhawk waits for you."

Follow the links to read the most current or previous episodes.

Also at the Canonfire Crier, check out Argon's post about lesser known holidays of Growfest.

At Wizards people have been buzzing about cartoonist, Jason Thompson's wildly detailed and humorous "walk-thru" maps of classic modules. So far he has done White Plume Mountain and the Tomb of Horrors. A walk-thru of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks is coming soon. Check these out.

Speaking of the Tomb, Greyhawk Grognard reviews the old D&D novel Tomb of Horrors by Keith Francis Strohm. That is a book I've yet to read, check out the post for more info.

Dennis Higgins' Hyborean Greyhawk blog has done it again. His campaign notes for combining Howardian worlds with Greyhawk interests me to no end. Now he has turned the world on end (or sideways) in a way I've never seen before. Have a look see.

Anna Meyer has been hard at work on her Atlas of the Flanaess. In her blog she has recently posted first maps of Gran March, Geoff and the Valley of the Mage. I can't wait till she gets to the Hold of the Sea Princes! It's a map I'll be needing fairly soon...

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