Monday, April 8, 2013

New: Footprints #18

Over at the AD&D fansite they have the newest issue of their fanzine Footprints available for download. While it's not Greyhawk-centric zine like Oerth Journal I've always admired this one for its old school content and feel. Issue 18 has a few useful articles in it too:

The Cult of the Devourer by Andrew Hamilton details the machinations, magic and monsters for the cult of Juiblex, demon-lord of slimes and oozes. What's not to like there?

The Mired Cathedral by C. Wesley Clough is a short 4th-6th level site-based adventure (bring a cleric). I know well Wesley's previous work from Canonfire so I'm glad to see him still writing for Dragonsfoot.

Looking for a good weapon for your paladin character? The Holy Sword by Atiq Shafi is just what you need to read then! This article has several unique swords that should liven up a game.

If you're like me, fond of offbeat modules such as Dungeonland or Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, then the article Creatures of Tulgey Wood by Stuart Marshall should catch your eye. Stuart stats out some recognizable and rare critters based on Lewis Carroll's classic novels.

Stuart also provides my favorite article of the issue, An Unhealthy Obsession with Equipment. This is what it sounds like, nine awesome pages of both mundane and rare equipment with g.p. cost and weight (in AD&D coin weight). I'm looking forward to using these exhaustive lists to trick my players into spending their loot.

There is much more in issue 18 of Footprints. Check it out.


Valkaun_Dain said...

Why does it have to be a trick? I want to have weight limits and more junk to buy. Playing Skyrim makes me realize you need to prioritize.

mortellan said...

Yes, but what if you had a floating base of operations to haul all your junk from port to port? That requires more lists to buy from.

Argon said...


It is nice to see Wesley still writing. Can't wait to see what he's put together.

As far as tricks go. Remember that unless the DM makes the loot available, there is no loot to spend.