Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Few Greyhawk Things

Welcome Greyfriends. Just checking in quickly to link a few items of note related to Greyhawk that you may have missed or likely already know.

First up is Anna Meyer at Anna is currently working on the Tilvanot Peninsula, home to a certain group of monks. Follow the link to see her progress on this vastly underused location.

Next up is a special adventure published over at old school fansite Dragonsfoot by author David Prata titled The Tower of Azal'Lan. This module is set in the Adri Forest region of the World of Greyhawk setting. If the name sounds familiar it's for good reason. Mr. Prata writes:

"The lich Azal'Lan ruled his people with an iron fist, that is until his enemies marched against him and he was forced to flee and was never heard of again. An AD&D adventure for 5-9 characters of level 4-6."

Download it HERE

Last up is from Wizards. The reprint of Against the Slave Lords is now released and to celebrate this, amazing comic artist Jason Thompson has put out another of his incredible module walkthrough maps. This time he covers Slave Pits of the Undercity. Check it out.


Vargr said...

What does the pic on this post represent?

For some reason it reminds me of Gamma World...

mortellan said...

It does have a Gamme Worldy vibe to it yeah. Its from Prata's adventure, the Tower of Azal'Lan. Maybe in the future Greyhawk IS Gamma World?