Saturday, June 15, 2013

Coming Soon From Dragon

Much like my recent update of Wizards' Dungeon ezine, this month's issue, Dragon #424 is not the focus of this post. This despite some interesting article topics on dragons and the Martek/Desert of Desolation mods. No, I'm here to tell you again that next month's issue will be somewhat Greycentric. There is a couple previews to note...

The Anatomy of Elemental Evil by Thomas Reid

"What is the essence of Elemental Evil? How did something so basic and fundamental as elemental worship become twisted into the insidious cult made famous by its iconic temple? What is the relationship between Zuggtmoy, Iuz, Tharizdun and Lolth? We deftly slice this Gordion knot so anyone can understand the dark, twisted force that is Elemental Evil."

History Check: The Temple of Elemental Evil by Skip Williams

"The Temple of Elemental Evil, a deliciously infamous place, looms large in the memories of thousands of roleplayers. Legions of heroic alter egos began their careers on the dusty streets of Hommlet and persevered until they had plumbed the mysteries of the last accursed elemental node in the temple's forbidden depths. The temple's rise and fall are fully documented here for the first time."

Stay tuned for more on these articles and yes readers, you will need a subscription to read these issues.


Joseph Bloch said...

That could really suck if they try to tie in RttToEE. Otherwise it has promise.

mortellan said...

Skip wouldnt let us down.