Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Darkshelf Quarry and More Greyhawk Maps.

Howdy Greyhawk mavens! On this hot July day I bring some cool and interesting Greyhawk items.

First up is a new post by Anna Meyer from ghmaps.net. She has posted a series of preview maps of the Sea Princes (yay), Sasserine and Cauldron (of Paizohawk), plus the North, Central and Southern verges of the Amedio Jungle. Wow, she has been busy! Get these downloads now, but take heed, these are not her finished products. If you spot any errors be sure to let Anna know on her site or on the maps thread at Canonfire.

But that's not all!

Anna has also posted her previews of the Olman IslesScarlet Brotherhood's home, the Tilvanot Peninsula. This work is stunning. It is a culmination of years of practice making maps of the wider Flanaess. Well done Anna. Now when are you starting on Ull? ;)
Next up I'm happy to announce I have got my copy of the Against the Slave Lords reprint. Check it out:

So yes, there it is. I know I've been gushing about Wizards stuff a lot lately, but darn it this is Greyhawk! And even if it's reprinted content, hey, this book has fan art inside as well. In addition to a small illo by yours truly, there is even better artwork by friends of the community such as Brian "Glad" Thomas, S. Michael Twitchell, Mike Lowe and of course my comic co-conspirator Scott(-enkainen) Casper.

Still not good enough for ya? Okay, how about the brand new prequel module for the A-series, Danger at Darkshelf Quarry? Well I haven't read through the whole adventure yet, but it is by Skip Williams and his cover blurb reads:

"Darkshelf Quarry holds more than limestone and granite. Whispered rumors abound that the quarry's dwarf overseer isn't what he pretends to be, and that he's involved in unscrupulous dealings with foreign threats. Investigation is the only way to learn the truth, but beware! The quarry is well defended, and the danger lurks within its dark tunnels and hidden chambers."

For those who are geographically curious, the village and quarry of Darkshelf is located on the coast of the Sea of Gearnat in Nyrond. That's all for now folks. Enjoy!

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