Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yet More Greyhawk Stuff

Summer has kept me busy so there is some more Greyhawkery to catch up on...

First, Anna Meyer promptly answered my question about Ull for her Greyhawk atlas project. In her blog post she gives a preview of the rough geography of my favorite little corner of the maps. Long ago Anna did do a map for my gazetteer of Ull in Oerth Journal #19 but this one promises to be much better as it will fit in with the overall atlas. It will great seeing how Anna's Dry Steppes and Plains of the Paynims expands outward from Ull.

Onward, Wizards has announced the article lineup for Dragon #425 (subscription only). As promised this issue will be mainly about Elemental Evil! I will keep you up to date on any useful Greyhawk information when this comes out.

Editorial: Elemental Evil
By Steve Winter
Elemental evil isn’t all we have to offer this month, but it’s a big part.
The Anatomy of Elemental Evil
By Thomas M. Reid
What is the essence of elemental evil? How did simple element worship twist itself into the most dire threat against the land?

History Check: The Temple of Elemental Evil
By Skip Williams
Legions of heroes have crushed—or been crushed by—the cult of Elemental Evil in its many incarnations.
Lastly, if any Greyhawk fans reading this will be at Gencon this year be sure to try and find the Canonfire meetup at the RAM Brewery in downtown Indianapolis. There is no hard dates or times for this informal gathering so drop us a line on the forum or comment here, then stop by some night to talk all things Greyhawk.

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