Saturday, August 15, 2015

Demon Queen of Fungi Featured

We've all heard before GenCon that the next big Wizards adventure will be Out of the Abyss; where a group of demon-princes wreak havoc on the Underdark and the Sword Coast. Not only is it great to see Faerun get trampled yet again (snark) but this time it includes a certain demoness Greyhawk fans can root for: Zuggtmoy the Demon Queen of Fungi.

Good ol Zuggtmoy is featured on Wizards' Tumblr and it includes some pictures of an amazing sculpture of Zuggtmoy by Virginie Ropars that is used for the cover of the latest issue of Dragon+. Frankly the cover photo doesn't do the sculpture justice until you see the process of how it was made.

The Tumblr page also gives a preview of Zuggy in the upcoming Out of the Abyss book and some cool concept sketches of the Lady of Rot by Richard Whitters that are even better than the final image in my opinion. Even if you don't download Dragon+, the making of Zuggtmoy is worth a look.

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tom said...

By Gygax, seeing our demons trample Faerun would be cool, but alas, it's post-TSR D&D with its CR's and carefully balanced, politically correct scenarios where the players are guaranteed to triumph unless they are complete morons.

Nothing like Zuggtmoy's first appearance, in a module where TPKs were almost as common as not.