Thursday, September 27, 2018

Greyhawk Channel Fall Schedule

Greetings Greyhawkers! Today I'm promoting the fantastic line-up of shows this fall fro the Greyhawk Channel. This season is a nice mix of ongoing campaigns and new ones. Check it out below:

Ongoing series:

The Dying Kingdom See more thrills and chills and heavy drama in the vile Great Kingdom with the wonderful Dani Neary.

Secrets of Castle Greyhawk The amazingly talented Sean (PowerscoreRPG) continues his story, exploring the dungeons and lore surrounding this fabled ruin.

Return to Greyhawk and Mordenkainen's Path of the Planes. Head honcho, DMShane marches on with his main story lines and playing groups. Where will the heroes venture next? Possibly into the mists of a new plane?

Fortune and Glory continues, also ran by DMShane. I have no idea what fortunes and glory has been found so far, but this show has been a boon to the most loyal Greyhawk followers who get to play with this channel.

Queen of Spiders The fine folks of this show, creep on through the Underdark lead by the bad boy of DMing of Grant Ellis.

New comers:

Birthright of the Pomarj This story rages on from the orcish POV. Half-orc warlord Turrosh Mak is a name no one will forget. Little Red Dot has the wit and enthusiasm to tell this tale of honor and war!

Orchard Unsure of this one, I believe its a story involving feywild. I need to check in on it because it is DMed by the smooth stylings of ProRestarter.

Savage Tide Adaptation of the popular high seas, demon-fighting AP from Dungeon Magazine. DM Eric Vulgaris is more than up to the task.

Uprising in the Perrenlands A rollicking adventure set in an under-appreciated part of the Flanaess, the mercenary land of Perrenland. Scratticus is a genius for setting up and DMing this one.

Rise of the Temple of Elemental Evil Ran by sure to be an amazing re-visitation of the classic adventure set in the World of Greyhawk. I'm excited for this one.

Legends & Lore Saving the best for last is a show co-hosted by map making pro Anna Meyer and me! Come see us as we talk Greyhawk lore, maps, Greyhawk Channel stuff and more. It's a casual interactive stream to support all the fine folks above. Tune in next week!


grodog said...

This sounds great, tell us more about your series with Anna, Mike! :D


carlos a.s. lising said...

Indeed! And will you be playing in any of these Campaigns, Mike?

Mike Bridges said...

carlos: Not yet. Maybe once I get more visible, I'll get an invite?

Unknown said...

Has Green dragon inn been formally dropped? or on Hiatus?