Saturday, September 22, 2018

New Greyhawk Map Gift

Hola Greyhawkers! Things are humming along nicely this Harvester season. Hopefully by Brewfest I'll have more exciting Greyhawk news to bring you regarding the Greyhawk Channel, it's new shows and where it's going in the future. For now I have an amazing gift to show off. A good friend of mine, Nicholas found this hand-drawn map of the Flanaess at a ren-faire in upstate Illinois and knew I had to have it. Now, I've never seen this particular map design floating out there before, so I don't know if it's original or copied/stolen artwork, hard to tell with these kind of events. It does seem to be a print, so I certainly cant be the only one with this map. Needless to say I'm thrilled to own it just out of rarity.

The detail in this map's terrain and labels is exhaustive. Whoever the artist might be (it is not signed), this person is not some hack, but a knowledgeable gamer, in my opinion. Give me a comment if you own this same map or know who drew it, I'd like to compliment them. Otherwise, thank you again Nicholas and until next time, happy gaming all!


Scott said...

I think you mean southern Wisconsin, as opposed to northern Illinois. I've seen maps like that (not Greyhawk, but other fantasy world maps) at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

grodog said...

A very cool gift, Mike! :D


Mike Bridges said...

SCott: Well, could be, Wisconsin is Illinois' hat after all.

grodog: Yeah I'd have paid double to see someone in a medieval costume take a pic holding a Greyhawk map.