Saturday, September 8, 2018

New Greyhawk Grognard Articles

Hello Greyfriends. I would be remiss if I didn't promote the amazing Greyhawk work going on over at Greyhawk Grognard. In the last week there has been a lot going on, starting with a two part study on the classic Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, then Mr. Bloch writes a treatise on design principles for the World of Greyhawk setting. Last and most importantly to me, he does an original take on creating a wholly Baklunish pantheon of deities for the much neglected nations of the west.

Joining the likes of Istus, Geshtai and Xan Yae now are gods and goddesses such as Al'hutha god of the sun and truth, Banlasa, god of healing and redemption and Nasri goddess of assassination and banditry. There is many more, and the full article download ("Dragonne" magazine) is marvelously put together with additional deity stats and profiles, plus a new "cleric" character class, the Rashaw. You must check this article out. Greyhawk Grognard has touched on an unfinished area of Greyhawk lore that Gygax himself had intended to flesh out. In terms of quality and research, I'd push forward this new Baklunish pantheon as approved for any Greyhawk campaign. I know the base people of Ull, whom normally eschew good deities, will be taking notice of Nasri, Ya'huth and Duhl Parath. Kudos!

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