Friday, March 20, 2020

900th Greyhawk Post!

Welcome friends and fans of Greyhawk! Today's post is extra special because it's my 900th doing Greyhawkery, I've always kept a modest posting schedule, like 2-3 a week so getting to this point has been a marathon instead of a race for me. What to do to celebrate 900? Well, I wish it had been Gary Con 12, but since it got cancelled due to COVID-19, instead let's start by throwing out these ads for Virtual Gary Con!

Yes indeed, Gary Con carries on! These dual streams will include myself, Anna Meyer and Jay Scott, plus all our Greyhawk friends and colleagues as originally planned. Should be a good time. Please stop in and watch or at least throw us some follows on these dates. Also keep an eye out for the release of Oerth Journal #32 on Greyhawk Online!

Now that the present is taken care of, let's get nostalgic. In 900 posts I've done a TON of Greyhawk themed subjects. If you check the tabs at the top of the page you can see some of my "best" articles as well as links to many comics I've featured on Greyhawkery. Speaking of comics, the graphic novel Castle Greyhawk by Scott Casper and drawn by me, has been a central reason why my blog has lasted this long! The comic (ending in 2019) can still be found here, and I hope in the future Scott can make the print version available to more fans online through Patreon or some other way. My gratitude to Scott for his writing and art direction on this project is boundless. Though I've not hardly done any art (besides maps) since the end of Castle Greyhawk, I did manage to draw this piece to dedicate to Scott. Hey buddy, go ahead and use this graphic if you'd like, it's all for you!
For those who haven't read the comic, these three were among the main characters of the story: top to bottom is Tenser (mage of course), Ehlissa (also mage) and Yrag (fighter). What is in store for me artwise? Well I still do an occasional Cultist of Tharizdun comic strip for Oerth Journal. If you want to see me at my most maniacal and trivial, then read the entire Cultist run.

I have done many maps, interviews, scholarly studies, lists, I've featured my Ull and Sea Princes campaign material here for several years and of course I've promoted the works of many other content creators in the community. In this time I've also had some lulls and thoughts of hanging up the blog, but I always kept going for you, my readers. So if Greyhawkery is new to you, spend some time looking around, I GUARANTEE there is something you'll find that's useful for your games or a tidbit of lore you never knew, or just something nonsensical to amuse you. For now I'll try to keep it going until post #1000! Enjoy!


Scott said...

The old gang looks great! Here's to another 900 posts!

Jason Zavoda said...

Congratulations. You are the reason I started blogging. I've always enjoyed your posts and your artwork, but its a real treat to talk with you. Looking forward to your next 900 posts.

Lord Gosumba said...

Congratulations on 900!!! Its a huge accomplishment!

grodog said...

Love it Mike, and looking forward to your 1000th post, and beyond! :D


David Leonard said...

900 posts! Congratulations! You, sir, are an inspiration to the rest of us, gamers and bloggers alike. That's why you are "Greyhawk Mike." Here's to 900 more.

Thomas Kelly said...

Wow! That's worthy! As Jason and David have already said, you're an inspiration, and your blog was my inspiration for Greyhawkstories.

Alvaro said...

Thank you for 900 posts keeping the old D&D world alive. For making the Oerth our companion in our daily lives. And for all the "Let's see what Mike is up to" that I have checked during my confinement
Kudos from Madrid, Spain

Mike Bridges said...

Alvaro: I hope to keep you and everyone else in the community entertained for a long time coming! And stay safe and healthy Alvaro!

TK, Jason, David: Inspiring each other is what makes the Greyhawk community thriving. I'm glad more talents like yall have started to share, it keeps me going!

Scott: I don't know if anyone can ever top the Castle Greyhawk gang! I'd like to see someone try though! ;)