Sunday, March 15, 2020

Support Greyhawk Content Creators

Welcome again Greyhawkers! In light of Gary Con's cancellation, let's give some shout outs to some good friends of the community who are putting out some amazing Greyhawk content on the net. They need your support, please try all the links below!

Greyhawk Grognard is releasing a lot of good 5E conversions of Greyhawk material. His latest offering is Magic Items of the Flanaess. It's like Greyhawk Adventures and much more. Please support Joe Bloch's tireless effort by donating or joining his Patreon.

My Legends & Lore compadre, Anna Meyer is still killing it with her cartography, especially her recent 576 CY Greyhawk map. When not on Twitch with me or Jay she is doing freelance work for game companies and making content for her Patreon subscribers. Please join Anna!

Speaking of Jay Scott, the LordGosumba channel is going strong on Twitch. I am sure he won't be daunted by the cancellation of Gary Con, with shows streaming three days a week. Be sure to tune in and chat with Jay and his crew. You never know who he will have guesting on his shows as well! Please follow and subscribe to LordGosumba. It's definitely for the community as he does charity streams and has regular giveaways from sponsors.

Speaking of sponsoring, have you seen the fantasy art of Lady Loth? You MUST check out Lady Loth's work right NOW. She is a major fan of all things D&D including the World of Greyhawk. And as luck would have it, Lady Loth now has a Patreon. Please support her excellent work for the community.

Last but not least Greyhawk Online is eager to release the newest issue, Oerth Journal #32 to the public. Not only will it be free to download very soon, there is a new Patreon for supporters of the fanzine which will give you an opportunity to own a PRINT version of issue #32 and every issue that comes out after that. These print copies were originally going to be available only at Gary Con until its untimely cancellation. Please support GHO and keep this invaluable source of new content going!

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Lord Gosumba said...

Mike, TYVM for the kind words!!!! Jay