Sunday, March 22, 2020

More Classic Dragonmirth

Welcome back Greyhawkers! Those who are long time readers of the blog might recall the comics section "Dragonmirth" in the back of Dragon Magazine. A couple years ago I mused over some of these random Dragonmirth strips because much like the classic comic strips of the daily newspapers, they inspired me to be a cartoonist. When you're caught up on my previous post, check out this next run of mirthful D&D comics. Enjoy!

Dragon #95 Richard Tomasic
Dragon #100 Tony Moseley
Dragon #107 Richard Tomasic

Dragon #107 Ted Goff

Dragon #111 Denton Elliott

Dragon #118 Joseph Pillsbury


Stuart Lynch said...

Ah Dragonmirth...I used to love that page or two. I also loved the Yamara comic strips!

Thomas Kelly said...

That's the stuff I grew up with. I wish there was a compilation book, like a Far Side book, that had them all in one place, and you could read in crapper.