Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fiction: Origins of the Silver Wolf

“Time is what we already have plenty of,” Revafour pointed out. “What I’d be interested in having is knowledge, unless Luna and Seline have asked you not to speak of it…”

“Perish the thought,” Weimar said in mock horror. “Far be it for me to betray their confidences-they simply haven’t mentioned it. They wouldn’t mind at all…”

From the pen of Canonfire's prolific author CruelSummerLord is a new piece of fiction, Origins of the Silver Wolf: Many Paths Become One. The tale begins with the adventuring companions Revafour and Weimer Glendowyr up late at the Red Lion Inn, recounting tales of their past. I have to point out, the part with the gorgons and minotaurs is worth a glance at this story in the very least. I won't think of those monsters the same ever again. CruelSummerLord's characters actually first appeared on Canonfire way back in 2002 with A Tale of the Companions of the Silver Wolf and in 2007, Trail of Dreams: The Silver Wolf.

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