Friday, July 29, 2011

Greyhawk Project List

Sometimes I have so many ideas for projects swirling in my head that the only way to get anything done is to first, procrastinate and do none of them! That is what this post is all about. I figure typing out my thoughts will help me focus my time better by giving me a place to reference them and with any luck get some feedback. I had a good run in the last calendar year, finishing my Cultist Saga, starting this blog Greyhawkery, producing a gorgeous Greyhawk map and beginning an incredible Sea Princes campaign. Here is what I got planned going forward:

More Greyhawk comics (Naturally, though a new original idea would be keen, even if not GH related).
Gazetteer of Kester (I did one for Ulakand that is unpublished, Kester would be my masterpiece of Ull writing)
Mysteries of the World of Greyhawk: Revealed 2 (The first one was my creation myth, the topic of this one would be the afterlife).
NPC sketches from my Sea Princes campaign (I used to do this alot, but I've got away from it over the years. There is so many NPCs in a sea-based campaign that visual aides tend to help players).
Gencon Special (Doesn't look like I'm going to be motivated to do anything special this year. I'm not even going to the con. Maybe next year.)
Battles of Greyhawk (Man I'd really like to get back on this article series idea. I did Emridy Meadows long ago and then did some stat research on many others, but never pulled the trigger on a 2nd article).
Pirate Flags of Greyhawk (For my Sea Princes game, I'd like to have some heraldric flags for different pirate/naval groups, such as the Crimson Fleet and so on. This is a wish list item and not a high priority for me yet).
Caption Contests (I ran those in my comic, they would be a good fit for the blog).
Postfest Article (Canonfire has article rushes time to time. I skipped the last one on Side Treks, too bad cause I had a groovy idea).
Oerth Journal Article (Once I see something more on the progress of the new OJ staff, I may contribute something again. I got faith in you guys!).
Greyhawk Literature (I'd like to get back to my dormant idea for a novel, but poetry has been easier on the brain lately).

The sad thing is I won't get to half of these in the next year, or even two, but in the meantime I'll most likely succeed at other projects that I haven't even thought up yet! Ah well!


Valkaun_Dain said...

How about some PC sketches? ;)

mortellan said...

Denied! ;-P

Anonymous said...

Would WotC accept a novel submission? I thought they were mostly using "in house" writers these days?

And they've shown no "interest" in Greyhawk material.

Just asking. ;)

Mystic Scholar

mortellan said...

Mystic: That'd be an affirmative. Not only do you have to compete with in-house novelists, every game-designer there wants to be a novel writer as well I wager.

Their interest in Greyhawk is slightly different than ours now. The trick is, if there had been one just ONE good Greyhawk novel to spark the fanbase(like RA Salvatore had), the GH brand would have been just as successful as FR's. Sadly we'll have to live with Gygax and Estes.

Naw, if I wanted to be a successful writer (or cartoonist for that matter) I'd steer clear of GH. Anything I do here is for the fans not Wizards.

Anonymous said...

Soooo . . . no novel! :D

I'm simply speaking "IP" of course. The novel I've never finished (but have been asked to -- by some) is completely independent of anything WotC. I wouldn't jump into that mire either. ;)

Love your work and hope to keep seeing more of it, Mort. If I ever get a website going -- and I'd like to -- I'll start posting some of my novel there for your perusal. ;)

Mystic Scholar