Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greyhawk Poetry Corner

Lirr is the Oeridian goddess of Prose, Poetry, Literature and Art. Of all the deities in the World of Greyhawk, she might be the most highly underrated. Indeed, what would Greyhawk be like without her muse-like inspiration guiding its classic artists and authors? To honor this forgotten goddess of the Flanaess, today's post is the first of a series of poetry gleaned from the four corners of the map. I think you'll find the styles familiar and themes quite Greyhawkian. Enjoy!

"Bitter North"

Black Ice and Cold Marsh;
Telchur's laugh freezes the Sea.
Bleak landscape confines.


There once was a beygraf from Ket,
Who took over Bissel, no sweat.
The mullahs were insulted,
That they weren't first consulted,
So they threw him off a minaret.


I met an old crone named Thingizzard,
Who had the powers of a wizard.
When I spurned her affections,
She gave me bad directions,
To the cave of an undead lizard.


Argon said...

Aoric is gonna be pissed his worked was not displayed. Then again he's busy trying not to die. I like it something I myself wanted to do. Your right she is often forgotten as I forgot about her as well when I created Aoric.

mortellan said...

Ah yes! Aoric. I could feature Aoric's stuff on here if you'd like, Argon. Why not?