Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GH Comic #312: Mayaheine Cubed

Welcome back! It's been waaaay too long since the last comic, my apologies! Last time, Celestian was seen wandering the Sea of Dust and ran into Heironeous of all people. Could his day get any stranger?


Anonymous said...

I like it, Mort!

But, I'd like to ask a question: Are you, by chance, related to a guy named . . . Minsc?

He has a thing for giant space hamsters too! ;)

Mystic Scholar

Argon said...

Obad Hai,
Yeah Star wars parody, will you kill the Bobofett version as well. Is Murlynd your Han-solo. Since Heronious is your Luke though ill Hextor brother and father. Hillbilly hawk parody as well.

Until the next Gods in Spaaace!

mortellan said...

Argon: Too funny. The neat thing is I've already covered those parody answers in the comic, though WAY out of sequence. Maybe in a year I'll tie it all back together. :/