Sunday, July 31, 2011

Greyhawk Battle Menu

I've still been thinking about my project list from Friday, and the Battles of Greyhawk series is something I would like to shed some more light on. Besides the Battle of Emridy Meadows (detailed in length in the original campaign Guide), most famous battles in the setting are briefly mentioned in either timeline form or when Gygax did his development articles in the ancient pages of Dragon Magazine. This means besides the known results, alot of the data and fluff about a historic Greyhawk battle is left open to interpretation. There is many places to start (or restart) so I was wondering, just going by the names of the battles, do any of these jump out at you? Perhaps I could motivate myself to write an article or two based on popular request. Have a look, but note this list is by no means complete. I have found over 60 canonical battles (or wars) in my research, so this is mainly some cherry picked ones that should in my opinion be the most interesting.

Battle of a Fortnight's Length (Aerdy vs Nyrond)
Battle of a Thousand Banners (Aerdy vs Iron League)
Battle of Opicm River (Iuz vs Rovers)
Battle of Blackwater Bend (Iuz vs Wolf Nomads)
Battle of Critwall Bridge (Iuz vs Shield Lands)
Battle of Shamblefield (Aerdy vs Frost Barbarians)
Siege of Westkeep (Keoland vs Sea Princes)
Fields of Padyr (Baklunish-Suel War)
Battle of Loftwood (Ratik vs Bone March?)
Gahru's Folly (Aerdy vs Grandwood)
Battle of Jetsom Island (Sea Princes vs Keoland)
Battle of Medegia (Aerdy vs Lordship of the Isles?)


JasonZavoda said...

Excellent Idea.

Your post inspired me to cull a list of battles and wars and post it. I'm not much into post Gygaxian Greyhawk anymore but hopefully what references I found might be helpful for any Greyhawk scholar.

mortellan said...

Ah, JZ that's right, it's YOUR index that is the primary means of my starting this topic. Kudos!

Argon said...

I would love to see your take on these battles.