Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sea Princes: Crew Profiles 1

One of my fondest memories of running sea-based campaigns that I would set apart from most of my standard dungeon crawling ones is that I took the time to draw principle NPC crewmembers for the ship. Having an image to go along with a name helps players immerse themselves in a setting, and with half the action and adventure taking place on a mobile setting like a ship, this tool is even more useful. Emboldened by the past I finally broke down and started on some of the crew of the Bird of Prey from my Sea Princes campaign. I hope you will enjoy my first efforts (And I just know this will lead to some PC sketches). Yar!

As we've learned recently, while Captain Rennaud is loyal to Prince Jeon II of Monmurg, he originally hails from the Kingdom of Keoland where he was formerly a Knight of the Watch. What events in Keoland led to him becoming the Blackguard have yet to surface. The captain of the caravel "Bird of Prey" has made many friends since defecting to the Hold of the Sea Princes but also many enemies like the piratical Crimson Fleet who relentlessly dog him throughout the south seas.

Skullbreaker is the law on the Bird of Prey, ruthlessly enforcing the Princes' Articles. To date he has sailed with the captain for the longest time. Hailing from the capital city of Monmurg originally, he is staunchly loyal to the Hold and has a reputation for winning organized fist fights in a dozen other port towns.

The only woman on board the Bird of Prey, it is said Scar was once a vain and haughty courtier until she spurned the advances of a noble captain resulting in her disfigured face. There are many other stories just as fanciful about Scar but she isn't saying which is truth. Thoroughly unapproachable by most of the crew, Scar has recently taken to hanging by the side of first mate Araxo Tydan who has shown a certain generosity and lack of judgement found in any other seadog she has met.

Griff Aldagar is the consumate adventurer on both land and sea. Originally from Saltmarsh, he moved to the Hold where he heard there was more fame and fortune to be found working for the infamous Blackguard. Handsome Griff is known for his large sword and even larger smile, traits that make him the envy of many salty sailors in the Hold.

Kellin of Dreadwood is a rarity in the Hold of the Sea Princes, an elven minstrel. How this ancient piper came to serve on the Bird of Prey is uncertain, even Old Billy Palsy cannot seem to remember when Kellin first appeared on deck. What is known, is that the captain enjoys Kellin's presence despite his knack for telling unnerving sailor stories at strangely appropriate times.

Nasty Nestor Rantono is from the small town of Port Calm. He is from a family of woodworkers and shipwrights found throughout the Hold. Foul-mouthed, filthy and slightly perverted, Nestor takes his job on the Bird of Prey seriously and isn't afraid to put anyone to work on repairs including his superiors. Nasty Nestor is always planning a dream home he plans to build someday when he retires from voyaging.


Gabriel said...

Nice! Kepp those crews coming and cool pics too.

mortellan said...

Will do, Gabriel!

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As always Mort.

Mystic Scholar

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I like those Mort.

Glad to see your campaign is inspiring more art work for you.

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Thanks fellas! Back to the drawing table!