Monday, September 12, 2011

Atlas the Flanaess: Ahlissa

The demi-goddess of cartographers, Anna Meyer has posted a new section of her ongoing Atlas of the Flanaess. This region depicts part of the Kingdom of Ahlissa, formerly southwestern part of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. Download this new section and the others on the home page to enjoy the amazingly nuanced mastery of Anna's maps.


Simon Forster said...

Don't know if you're on Facebook or not, but she has page there now and posts stuff all the time; wip and so forth.

I love her maps. Makes me want to return to Greyhawk and go adventuring there again.

Theodric the Obscure said...

Anna Meyer is DA BOMBA.

mortellan said...

Simon: Yeah, I cross-post here to help increase her traffic. She's been a great godsend to the community.

Mystic Scholar said...


More than a year ago I proclaimed Anna to be the "Goddess of Geography."

Why do the rest of you guys keep trying to demote her to "Demi-goddess" status?

Or are you simply trying to add to her portfolio? :D


Anna is a God-send to Greyhawk AND Canonfire!

It would be impossible to love her more.

By the way, Anna makes her appearance in the next segment of my story. ;)

mortellan said...

Hrm, well normally a mere mortal can only rise to hero-deity or demi-god. Isn't full deity status a bit out of reach for Anna? That is unless...her parents are both Norse gods! :O

Mystic Scholar said...

Yep! She's the daughter of Vidar and Snotra!

Vidar- Norse God of independence, solitude, and freedom.

Snotra- Norse Goddess of virtue and self- discipline.


So I'm going to say that you're just adding to her Portfolio: Geography and Cartography.