Monday, September 19, 2011

Maps: Ancient Greyhawk

I'm feeling slow this week so I'm bringing out an unfinished map to an unfinished project of mine to show everyone. One of my favorite things about the World of Greyhawk is discussing obscure references and trying to piece together maps in order to recreate the cultures that preceded those seen in the starting timeline of the setting (generally 576 CY). Based on my research this is what the central Flanaess looked like during the ancient Flan kingdoms of Sulm, Itar and part of Ahlissa. For those unfamiliar, these fertile realms existed in the setting's timeline thousands of years before the founding of the City of Greyhawk and before the adjacent region was changed into the Bright Desert by a malevolent curse. See the book Rary the Traitor for more info on that. I can't say what I need this map for right now, but in the meantime comments or additions would be appreciated, so that maybe I'll finish it someday. Or even better, if someone else has been working on similar ancient Flan maps then hey, you're my new friend! Have a good day and don't forget to also download Wonders of Ull: Oldskool Edition!


Mystic Scholar said...

Very nice, Mort. Thanks! I'm going to tack this on to the end of my Caerdiralor story.

mortellan said...

Mystic: Coincidentally I think I started on this around the time your story came out on CF.

Mystic Scholar said...

Say it ain't so! I "inspired" you!? (shock)

Naw, just one of those coincidence things. Happens. LOL

I'm working on finishing that story. Perhaps I'll get you to do a map for me. ;)


Icarus said...

Wow! Really nice, Mort!! Is there any chance that there's a version that isn't a thumbnail available?

Icarus said...

NVM, Mort ... I'm an absolute bone-crunching moron. There's this big link - in capital letters, no less - that says" Click here for full map!"

Yeah. I'm special. So very special.

Argon said...


Nice map maybe Mystic can whip you into finishing more projects. He loves cracking that whip.