Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fiction: Return of the Spider Queen, part1

"Aalas -- Son of Agnure of Hommlet -- begins to lead his company away from the Fane of Tiamat, but he quickly realizes that he has little choice but to return to the Fane in an attempt to free his imprisoned step-father."

New from the Greyhawk fansite, Canonfire! is an action packed fiction series created by Flint. This is not Flint's first contribution to Canonfire!, but it does follow his knack for serialized adventure narratives. In the first part of Return of the Spider Queen, we follow Aalas and company as they find trouble in the form of some quite vindictive dragons and some hobgoblins drop by as well. Why not? Read and enjoy!

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Mystic Scholar said...

Yes, this was a nice read. I'm glad Flint decided to begin submitting his articles for posting to the Front Page.

Thanks for the promotion, Mort. It's actions like this that will get his articles wider circulation.