Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Article: The Dolmen of Artur

It's been a busy month over at Canonfire! as another new article has been published, this time from a frequent contributor to the site and forums named "Smillan." Smillan combines an interestingly esoteric location from old school AD&D and a hazardous area of the Vesve Forest in this piece, entitled The Dolmen of Artur: 

A "dolmen" is a single-chambered tomb, usually composed of three -- or more -- large upright stones, supporting a flat capstone. This was usually covered with earth so as to create a barrow mound. So, technically, Artur’s Dolmen should be "Artur’s Barrow," but I must play the hand that Gygax dealt me. This is the brief mention -- in the 1st edition DMG, p. 164 -- which list "crushing" an artifact against Artur’s Dolmen as a suggested way of destroying it.
If you need a destination for an epic artifact quest the Dolmen of Artur might be for you. Enjoy!


Mystic Scholar said...


I'm going to get Gary to create a special "Friend of Canonfire!" award and present you with the first one.

Thanks again.

mortellan said...

Thanks Mystic! Someone has to promote the site and I've been doing it for years. I'm just happy to see CF's contributions starting to pick up again.

grodog said...

Nice pointer, Mike. Now if I could just make some more time to write about Greyhawk....


Mystic Scholar said...

Hmm. I "see" I need to Crack! my fabled Whip in the Grodog's direction!

Consider it done! ;)



Argon said...

It was an interesting read and Smillian did a great deal of research on his submission.


Grodog Mystic likes to whip period, especially if you fail to submit articles. I get whipped and I have two more in the hopper.