Thursday, October 6, 2011

GH Comic #313: Mordenkainen's Emporium

I know I've harped and commented on Wizards of the Coast's 4th edition accessory, Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium for nearly two years since it was first announced at Gencon, but the book is finally out so I think I can put this one to bed. Well, not before I have one last poke at it for fun however!

For a good review of the Mordy's Emporium check out this article by Neuroglyph over at ENWorld.

In the meantime, what could possibly ruin Mordy's big opening day emporium sale? Ah, it's not what, but who....


Argon said...

I much like you were quite surprised about WotC using good old Mordy to sell some wares.

Next thing you know he will be Elminster's mentor or student in FR



Mystic Scholar said...

You mean Mordy wasn't Elminster's student? Does WotC know that?

Yep! Degrading our beloved setting even more.

Mystic Scholar said...

By the way, Mort. You commented on The Crier without becoming a "follower?"

I am shocked! :O

mortellan said...

A follower? Whatchootalkinbout? I'm freakin staff!

Mystic Scholar said...


Just making sure you're paying attention!


grodog said...

Thanks for the pointer to the Emporium review, Mike: I read some comments about the book on another board, and thought it might have been more than just a rehash of old edition material, but since it is, I won't be buying it!