Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oerth Journal #26 Almost Released!

Greyhawk's longest running ezine Oerth Journal is back with its 26th issue! The theme of this issue is "Beyond the Flanaess." Here is a rundown of the features:

* Beyond the Flanaess: Bounds of Oerth, By Erik Mona
* Beyond the Flanaess: Creatures of the Verdured Heights- A Bestiary of the Mythical Land Of Mur, By Greg A. Vaughan
* Beyond the Flanaess: Fireland, Scar- The Isle of Razic Jewel, By Terrance "abysslin" Hunt
* Beyond the Flanaess: The Land of Blindvidr- A Guide to the Veda, The Bird People, By Heath Miller
* Shadowed Paths to Oblivion, Part 1 of 3: Dimensions Lost- Mid-Level Adventure(10th to 12th), By Rick "Duicarthan" Miller
* GreyComix: Beyond the Flanaess, By Mike "Mortellan" Bridges (that's me!)

(Update 10/30/11: OJ #26 had to go in for repairs. We apologize for the hiccup and as soon as it's back up, which shouldn't be long, new links will be up at the Canonfire Crier, the Oerth Journal blog, and here. Thank you.)



James said...


Anthony Emmel said...


grodog said...


FYI the OJ blog downloads page doesn't have the link to issue 26 yet listed there.


mortellan said...

grodog, yeah i know. too bad i'm not on the contributor list for that blog, i'd fix it. i provided the link to the blog because it has a better link-access to the older issues. in time...

Cebrion said...

OJ #26 is temporarily down, pending some fixes.

grodog said...

Fixes with the file/contents, Brian, technical glitches, or something else??


Nellisir said...

I'll post the link on the blog as soon as I get an email from Cebrion saying it's live again.

Anonymous said...

I think it was partially due to me pointing out that the layout had issues, repeated sentences, one article in particular was a bit jumbled, and the art was a little over compressed. I hope I haven't ruffled any feathers.

That said, I'm happy to help. I'm a graphic designer. :)