Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Article: Gods of the Flanaess: Erythnul

"How do I define ‘living life to the fullest?’ I define it as doing what I want, to who I want, when I want to, because it brings me pleasure.
-Khuludden the Bloodstained, priest of Erythnul."

I think he's smiling...

The lorekeepers at Canonfire! have yet another new article up for your consideration. Gods of the Flanaess: Erythnul, is the 91st article by the stalwart Greyhawk scribe CruelSummerLord for Canonfire and it doesn't look to be his last.
This study into the history and teachings of the god of slaughter's religion is a continuation of a long series by CSL which has included many of the most popular deities used in the World of Greyhawk setting. It is a worthy read for any DM or player who is intrigued about using this chaotic deity worshipped by both men and humanoids alike.

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