Monday, October 31, 2011

New Article: The History of the Ahlissim

There is still plenty of good Greyhawkian articles coming out this Fall. The latest is by Rasgon, one of Canonfire's premier scholars. His work, The History of Ahlissim is an insightful take on the origins and lore of the ancient Flan people of the Ahlissa (South Province) region of the Flanaess.
This article has everything you'd expect about this little known era including the deities Zodal, Joramy, the fabled artificer Xagy, plus of course Queen Ehlissa and her Marvelous Nightingale. DMs, there is many lost secrets to be found here to spice up your Greyhawk campaign. Enjoy!


Argon said...

The article was an interesting read. But then again we come to expect this from Rasgon.



mortellan said...

Rasgon is my GH trivia nemesis sometimes, but I never miss anything he writes because I know he leaves no stone unturned.