Monday, April 23, 2012

A Few Greyhawk Items

It's Monday and time to catch up on a few bits of Greyhawkery from the internet.

Greyhawk Grognard's tour of Western Oerik continues. These Darlenesque maps made with Hexographer are done in the dimensions of the original Flanaess poster maps. Since my last post, he has made more progress. Check it out:

Ahmut's Legion and the Blasted Desert
Naresh and NW Suhfang
The Celestial Sea

Speaking of maps, check out these excellent downloads being shared by Dragonsfoot forum member Chris L. He has created a layered PDF Flanaess map for his home campaign set in 576 CY. As the map is layered you can turn on or off various elements of the map from labels to hex grids or even entire oceans! It's incredibly cool. Follow the link below to download the PDF and even an Adobe Illustrator file with vector art. Chris' password is "public". Get it while it lasts!

Last but not least there is the controversial publication, BDKR1: The Unofficial Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms Summary. This project is a true work of passion by Casey Brown and fellow Living Greyhawk contributors Britt Frey and Austin Judd. As its name implies BDKR1 is a chronological indices of over 130 Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms adventures and storylines created over a period of eight years. Each entry has a short plot summary, setting details and additional commentary. BDKR1 also has a general timeline of events in the Bandit Kingdoms from 579 CY to 598 CY (the end of the LG campaign) and extras like memorable quotes from LG Bandit Kingdom regional players. Needless to say the Summary an amazing work of editing and shows the exceptional dedication of the BK region's fans; so much so that we'll probably never see this feat repeated. Despite my high praise for the effort, I won't link to it for obvious reasons, but if you really want to find a copy of the Summary I'm sure Greyhawk fans are savvy enough to find it.

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