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Greyhawk: Famous Ships & Captains

As part of my research for the Sea Princes campaign, I looked through several canon sources for famous ships and captains to inspire my adventures. Whether I end up using any of these to spice up the campaign is left to be seen, but I thought I'd share the collected lore with everyone just for fun. This list is by no means exhaustive and I've inadvertently forgot to list my sources so you'll just have to go with it. If anyone knows some important additions I'd love to edit them into this lineup.

Markessa the Red (Slavers Cove) Slaver operating near Dyvers
Eternal Sun (Slaver Cog) Captain Sal Benyan (F5) Man with an iron will and an eye for the ladies, considers himself handsome despite scars.
Longspan (Slaver Cog) Cpt. Mar Kell (F5) Cold, ruthless, fascinated by testing his prisoners.
Radiance (Slaver Cog)  Cpt. Yayson de Marillio (F5) Prefers silence, removes tongues of those who talk too much.
Commander Wilbrem Carister (F9) Greyhawk Domain. Barrel of a man with tattoos. Has a parrott named Erule (A polymorphed fomorian ).
Solomon Clawsen (Famous pirate whose hand was bitten off by a shark and sails looking for a replacement.)
Bloody Grady Popular privateer who found the lure of gold a greater master than his lady fair.
Gravedigger Merci Female pirate, who has put many a man in the ground after granting him the grace of digging his own grave.
Angelthroat Anhke Garrote Half orc pirate who hung his own crew for killing a magistrate’s son and costing him the ransom.
Davis the Reaver (F10) Commands 12 pirate ships out of Elredd. Orc cog (6), human cog (4), slave galley(2) with two more under construction. Sea Dragon (Cpt Davis’ flagship). Tough, bull-headed, likes to show off power. Stylish clothes and beard.
Pirate’s Plunder Cpt. Sammael (F5) Part of Davis' fleet.
Captain Earwulf Captain of a slavelord vessel.
Unnamed Rel Astran caravel Proved circumnavigation of Hepmonaland is possible.
Blue Nixie Cpt Soller Vark (Owned by Livinia Vanderboren of Sasserine).
Sea Wyvern Caravel of Captain Amella Venkalie.
Slippery Eel Cpt Harliss Javell of the Crimson Fleet, (Swashbuckler 3, Rogue3, Scarlet Corsair 7)
Kigante Valeros (retired pirate who founded smugglers caves in Kraken’s Cove)
Kadmos Grimly (fierce cook for the Crimson Fleet)
St. Asmod’s Hope (vessel, victim of the Crimson Fleet)
Wavereaper (vessel, victim of the Crimson Fleet)
Purity’s Prow Capt Lars “No-Neck” Helvur (Scarlet Brotherhood privateer caravel from Narisban).
The Rage (caravel derelict in Journey’s End sargassso).
The Thunderer (caravel wrecked in Journey’s End sargasso).
Rory Barbarosa (Famous explorer that discovered the Isle of Dread, Thanaclan Olman)
Capt “Mad” Madsen Atirr (formerly of Barbarosa’s crew, first to chart Isle of Dread) the Morningstar
Gallivant (Galleon wreck at IoD)
Brine Harlot (Crimson Fleet caravel flagship)
The Hellfish (Pirate ship led by Cpt. Slipknot Peet, (R6 Dread Pirate 3)
The Hag (Crimson Fleet caravel)
Sea Witch’s Curse (Crimson Fleet caravel)
The Kraken (Crimson Fleet caravel)
The Stygian Shark (Crimson Fleet caravel)
Cold Captain Wyther (leader of the Crimson Fleet, Demogorgon worshiper) Commands the Crimson Scar.
The Anger, The Two-Faced Wretch (formerly Capt. Wyther’s), The Baeldictum, The Glad, The Fortitude (Decommissioned Crimson Fleet ships).
Captain Longshanks Le’shiv (Crimson Fleet second in command, ship unknown)
Captain Bilgerut Norah (Crimson Fleet, ship unknown)
The Ghoul Slavelord galley. Captain Girana.
The Sea Ghost Smuggler ship near Saltmarsh. Capt. Sigurd "Snake Eyes"


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