Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Couple Greyhawk Articles

There's only been a couple new articles over at Canonfire! this May and both are by the sagacious Rasgon who is known for his scholarly Greyhawk work as well as his outerplanar knowledge at Planewalker. Rasgon's two most recent additions are both religious topics.

The first is serious study of A History of Religion in the Flanaess. Rasgon writes:

"Being a survey of the development of religious traditions and holy texts among the Flan, Oeridian, Suloise, and Baklunish peoples."

Second, is a whimsical narrative myth concerning Ralishaz and the Creator. Rasgon writes:

"This is a near-universal myth found in the stories of countless races and peoples, for all that it is often banned as blasphemous (for example, the penalty for retelling it in the Pale is ten lashings). The identity of the Creator varies depending on the faith of the teller - it has been, in various versions, Lendor, Istus, Rao, Corellon Larethian, Gruumsh, Moradin, Annam, Io, and Pholtus. Sometimes the Creator is nameless, or referred to by a title such as the Nameless One, the Maker, or the First Cause. Many in the Flanaess profess agnosticism on the question of who originally made all things; there are so many conflicting tales on the subject that this often seems the safest path. The identity of Ralishaz never varies, though his appearance often does."

Check these two articles out and more from Rasgon.

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