Monday, May 6, 2013

Download at Wizards: Dungeons of Dread Illos

One of the most charming things about some of the old school dungeon crawls TSR made was the illustrations that came with them for players to see. These handouts helped the players better visualize places like the Tomb of Horrors. Now available at Wizards is downloads for the art from the "S series" modules. You won't need a D&DI subscription to download these art booklets either. Enjoy!


Stone Kobold said...

These are just pdfs of the original "art handouts" from the classic modules? Or something new? I only keep my DDI active twice a year to catch up on downloads, and it's currently lapsed. Is it time to re-up?

mortellan said...

No I think they're the same ol illos we all know and probably own.