Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Greyhawk Maps: Yeomanry

Anna Meyer is at it again with her colorfully descriptive map of the Yeomanry. There's a lot going on in this map and Anna leaves no stone (or tunnel) unturned. You can read about and download this map from her site HERE. Also if you look closely at the fringe of the map to the south you'll spot Melkot, an interesting town and castle of certain repute.

What has me most excited is that her next map will be on the Hold of the Sea Princes which has a lot of source material behind it and has been the primary location for most of my campaigns over the last couple years. If it's researched half as well as the rest of her atlas it should still be epic. Keep up the good work Anna!


Daddy Grognard said...

I just love these maps. They set a bar that very few others (if any) can reach. They make my efforts look like the scribblings of a kindergarten pupil.

Lead Legion said...

Those maps are pretty incredible.