Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Higgs Boson is Magic!

It's time for a rather offbeat post for this blog. After countless years and billions spent, scientists at CERN (who haven't yet destroyed the Earth with their Large Hadron Collider) believe with "sigma 5" confidence that they've discovered the elusive Higgs Boson subatomic particle. Details are in this article:

Now I'm no science major here, but there is some interesting stuff for the gamer nerd in me. For example, check out this quotes from the article...

"...studying the Higgs could open the way for explorations of the weirder corners of physics, such as the idea that our universe has six or seven extra dimensions, or the claim that there should be an unseen supersymmetric partner for every one of the subatomic particles that have been detected, or the nature of the stuff that mysterious dark matter is made of."

There's a reason why the Higgs Boson is called a "god particle." It's also the reason why the Higgs has been so hard to detect, it's because the particle is magic! Extra-dimensions is a forte of wizards such as Mordenkainen or Leomund. Super-symmetry is a concept that should be familiar to those who know D&D's Great Wheel cosmology and dark matter, well that could go in a few different directions in gaming terms. My only question is, besides proving or disproving physics theories what's the practical application of all these particle colliding efforts? As soon as someone figures out how these particles work, I want a Bag of Holding!


Jon said...

I like that idea, kinda like the metachlorian and the force. In game terms a reason behind magic the Higgs Boson.

mortellan said...

Except in D&D you don't need a megadungeon corridor-loop to detect the magic, just a thin piece of wood for a wand.