Monday, July 9, 2012

New Greyhawk Postfest Articles

It's Richfest in the World of Greyhawk and that means it's time for an explosion of new articles from Canonfire! The theme of this summer's postfest was Inns and Taverns of Greyhawk and I'm delighted to say the turn out was better than I expected. Our first two featured entries are by a veteran contributor and a first timer. Smillan_31's The Sign of the Gibbeted Goblin is his thirteenth article and his third postfest. In the Gibbeted Goblin you'll find a good dose of local Wild Coast adventure and lore of the piratical variety. Smillan writes:

"The way it is told by the inhabitants of Pelgaryn, it was a lean pirate galley out of Blue in the Pomarj, though a passing ship reported the remnants matched the description of a fat carrack out of Scant that never made port in Hardby. Those not of the village have embellished the tale in the years that passed, accusing the inhabitants of drawing in the ship with false lights, although any reputable sailor will snort and shake his head at such tales, knowing that lights ashore are used to warn away and not beckon in. Whatever the truth the tales all agree on one fact, that there was only one survivor of the wreck, a small goblin, dressed as a sailor. Most took him to be something of a mascot, not believing one of his race could rise to the level of competent seaman. Regardless, the truth will never be known for the inhabitants of Pelgaryn gibbeted the creature straightaway, hanging him in a gibbet cage on the tree in front of the inn that is now named after him – the Sign of the Gibbeted Goblin."

Next up is a newcomer to the ranks of Canonfire's authors, but he is by no means a light weight when it comes to content. Going by the name Mempter, his ample offering The Wild Goose is more than a minor inn found at the end of the street in Greyhawk City's Artisan's Quarter. As you'll find out it contains a host of intriguing characters and a wealth of maps that will spice up any urban campaign. Mempter writes:

"The Wild Goose, as it is known, is among other things a gateway to a multi-dimensional demesne known as The World Serpent Inn, a popular stopping point for many a traveling planehopper."

Check out the Wild Goose and the Sign of the Gibbeted Goblin, then be sure to keep an eye out for more unique Greyhawkian taverns in the coming weeks.


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Argon said...

Mort nice pic!

These were both very good articles. Kudos to Smillan and Mempter!